Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rainy Days

I'm sad to say that the weekend is over...Although this means we are back to a week of classes, work, or anything else going on, I have something to look forward to....SPRING BREAK!!!! I'm not going anywhere to brag about, but I will be home in my big, soft bed along with good food, family, and my home friends...Unfortunately, my best friend from home will be in school, but hopefully we will find a way to visit each other soon!!! 
It's pouring out today and it is making me feel a little under the weather...I have been in sweats and a t-shirt all day so there is obviously not going to be a trendy outfit post today!! However, if I was to dress up today for the rain, this is what I would wear....
Cropped Free People sweater

Urban Outfitters skinny jeans (Top Rated)

Free People Necklace

Black Hunter Rain Boots

Although this outfit may seem boring and dull, I think it is the perfect combination in order to be comfortable, yet trendy for the stormy weather....I would also add a bright-colored umbrella or bag to bring out the color of the necklace...How would you dress for this weather??

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