Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby it's WARM outside!

Hi everyone! I am just loving this weather lately! The sun, the temperature, and the fresh air is such a great feeling compared to the snow, and below zero temperatures that I experienced not too long ago!! Today I had my first test of the semester...I studied a lot for this test so hopefully it paid off!
In other news, I usually do not wear my new purchases right away...Im a saver, and basically wait to wear new clothes until the season is basically over...(need to change this crazy way of thinking!)...Anyways, today I did not save my new purchases from this week! Instead, I wore everything new plus my old sperry topsiders that have been sitting in my closet since the fall because it is usually too cold for them! However, today I wore my new J.Brand jeggings (on sale for only $10!!!!)..I paired these awesome pants with a brown turtleneck sweater from Bass, my sperry's, and my new printed Michael Kors bag that I got at Marshall's on sale for only $69!!!...Lets just say, this weekend was filled with amazing deals!!

I don't have a lot to do today so I think I am going to relax and catch up on my favorite show Pretty Little Liars!!!
Hope everyone is having a Terrific Tuesday!

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