Monday, February 14, 2011

Back at school on Valentines Day

Sorry for another missed blog post but I was back on that horrible bus! I came back to school yesterday and although it was not as long of a trip as my other bus coming home, it was still extremely long and exhausting! Anyways, today is Valentines Day and I am just not feeling it. I don't exactly understand this holiday. If you love someone, shouldn't you do nice things for them everyday of the year? Maybe it's just me but I think this holiday is more about making the single people feel worse about themselves!...Anyways, I am not letting being single make me into a depressed, lifeless person. Instead, I am going to my favorite class later tonight (my fashion media class) and then going into town for a fun dinner with my friend who is also single. I think it's important to have fun on this holiday even if you don't have a boyfriend. Why shouldn't we get dressed up and have a fun dinner out just like every other couple!?
Today I decided not to wear my heart printed sweater because lets face it; Im really not Mrs. Valentine. Instead, I wore my grey Urban jeggings like always, with a green and white stripped shirt from J.Crew. It's beyond warm out today that I hardly even needed my leather jacket!...

Overall today is a great day and I just have to remember that I don't need to necessarily be "in love" with someone to be happy. Instead, I decided I am just going to love myself, and remember all the things that make me so happy!
Hope everyone is having a great day whether single or not!!!

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