Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving On

So the past week has been extremely stressful! It was filled with up's and down's, happiness and sadness...On top of my feelings, my best friends received news that did not make them so happy. I love my friends more than anything, and hearing them this upset makes me feel horrible! I just wish I can be with them, sitting in my room, watching TV and eating ice cream like old times. Although I feel horrible for them, I am not going to soak in misery  too. Life is about facing challenges, accepting them, and moving on with our lives. I, myself received not the best news this week but I learned to take responsibility for what happened, learn from it, and move forward on a more positive note. I really hope my friends start to realize that happiness and fun is more important that stupid drama! If they see how much they have going for them, including myself, we will all be in a much better place! 
Because it has been snowing so much, and I do not have any outfits to post, I will post a picture of me and my friends. Hopefully soon enough, we will all be back to our silly, fun, selves. 
Me, Sami, Jessie, and Nikki- BEST FRIENDS ARE FOREVER

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