Saturday, February 26, 2011

Loving the Long

Happy Saturday! I was thinking about posting my outfit today but I decided to change the direction of my post...I have been addicted to online shopping lately and keep finding more and more trends that I must try! A new trend that I love is long skirts! My style is a combination of so many trends! Some days I like the edgy look while other days I like the feminine or bohemian look. I think it's fun to have a different twist to your outfits every day, and you don't need to necessarily follow only one "look"...Okay enough babbling! The point to this is that Free People came out with the most adorable long skirts for the Spring! I actually purchased a long Free People skirt last year, but these skirts are so much more interesting and different! 

My Personal Favorite! SO Unique
What do you all think of the long skirt trend? Would you rather follow this conservative trend or rather go for the short, tight skirts? 

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