Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dress To Impress

I still feel completely under the weather but have no idea why! Don't you hate when you know that your body is a little off? Well I do! I just don't feel like myself and am so out of it! I figured that some fresh air, along with a cute outfit may do the trick. I went to a meeting at my sorority house and then went into town to CVS with my roommate to get some things. I decided to get dressed in hopes of feeling better. Unfortunately, it did not work. However, I got many compliments on my outfit which made me feel a little better I guess haha..I also got the new Glamour magazine so hopefully a little more fashion will do the trick!
For my outfit today I wore Delia's skinny jeans, knitted sweater from Marshall's, black leather booties from Zara, and a black and silver chain necklace from Bloomingdales. It was so warm out that I actually got to wear it with my black Calvin Klein leather jacket!. It's been shockingly warm the past couple of days but I hear we have another 30 inches of snow coming our way! eeekk!!...Hope everyone had a great weekend and is enjoying the Superbowl! 


New March edition!

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