Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend Getaway

Two posts in one day!..So yesterday, my sister and I went to Whole Foods for lunch where we made these delicious salads..There was such a trendy vibe there that I felt as if I was famous (weird?) haha...We then took a trip to Target, cooked our delicious veggie burgers and sweet potatoes, and went out for the night. It was the first time my sister and I went out together at night and it was so much fun! Lets just say, I'm finally not "Ms. Awkward."...Today we went to Marshall's and I spent all the money my grandpa gave me..OH Well! ...I bought such great things for amazing prices that one can not resist!!!
First off, I got 2 pairs of J.Brand pants, (one jegging with zippers and one black) for only $10 each!!! Like hello!? How can you not??...I also got a Michael Kors, zebra printed tote for only $69!!!...Along with these purchases I got two grey pullover sweaters also for only $10 dollars. Overall, this trip to Marshall's was amazing. I would describe it as a "Bloomingdales" kind of Marshall's. Rhode Island definitely impressed me today!!....Hope everyone is having a great, long weekend!
New, blue shirt from Target- $16

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  1. Great blog Dani. Happy you and Cass are enjoying each other's company. Makes me ;-)!!! Hugs and smiles from the ocean.