Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back to the Norm

So yesterday was Valentine's day but today is a regular, wonderful day. Even though I do not have a boyfriend, or am "in love" with someone, I instead made it a day to love myself, and remember the things that make me happy such as fashion, my health, and my family and friends. After my fashion class last night, I had a relaxing, fun dinner with my friend who also was in no mood to celebrate this holiday. We ended up having a lot of fun and great Valentine's day
For today's outfit, I finally wore my sweater than I have been dying to wear! It has been sitting in my closet for months already, trying to find the right day to wear it on. Today I felt was the right day!...I wore my new winter boots from Bass, skinny jeans from Delias, grey t-shirt from Century 21, and my stripped sweater from Marshall's. 

Although my last class was canceled, I have a lot to do today! Besides just my work that I need to catch up on, I also have review sessions, meetings, and other errands to run! ahhhh where do I start!??!
How was everyone's Valentines Day? What outfits would you wear/did wear on a day like Valentines Day?

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