Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fun with mom

This morning was such a special morning. I went to breakfast with my mom and went to temple again. Ever since my grandpa passed away, my mom has been going to temple every Saturday morning. She really loves going and it means so much to her. I decided to go with her again this morning and it really was so special. I guess I matured or something because I actually enjoyed myself. I used to dread going to temple and sitting there for 2 hours. However, this morning was actually fun, and I loved being there to support my mom. 
After temple, I got my nails done which was great! I got a pinkish/orangeish Essie color. Im so ready for the spring so hopefully the springy color of my nails brings on some warm weather!
I also went to some stores with my mom and finally bought a dress to wear to one of my parties in 2 weeks. It's Free People and I got it for only $14!!!...It was overall a great day!
As for my outfit, it's not the best since I did not bring any clothes home! I decided to wear Free People skinny jeans, black oxfords, black Gap sweater, and a Bass grey/black scarf. At least I was cozzy!!
What is everyone's plans for tonight!? Going out or staying in???

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