Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You say Snow day, I say online Shopping day!

Today is snowday part 2 at my school in Amherst, MA. The winter is really hitting us hard here, and everywhere else! We woke up to another 5 inches of snow, and no classes. This was actually the best news! I had sooo much work to catch up on, much needed rest, and time to relax with no stress. Although it is hard to relax when I have all my homework assignments on my mind, I remembered that it is so important to take breaks, and have a little fun everyday...My fun for today was online shopping. I started off on Free People and it was a hit!...I found the coolest layering pieces which you can transform into many different, unique outfits. For example, one piece that i found could be worn as a skirt, shirt, or dress..How cool is that!? I also found some shoes that are to die for!!!..

What activities are getting you through the snow days? Let me know!!!

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