Friday, January 21, 2011

Lazy Day

Last night I had my exchange (party)...I was hesitant to go at first because I was cold, tired, and I get shy meeting new people...However, I went there with a good attitude and had an amazing amazing time!! I really broke out of my shell and talked to so many people, and even met new friends! I wore jeggings from American Eagle, white long sleeve from H&M, Cynthia Rowley faux fur vest from Marshall's, grey hat from Anthropology, and my black Aldo wedged boots. Everyone loved my vest but unfortunately, it got pretty messy (chocolate syrup!)...I partied pretty hard last night which left me with a morning full of headaches and Advil! I have just been sitting in my room most of the day, reading blogs, and trying to get some work done...
Also, I have been stumbling upon so many new blogs that I am loving! Their styles are very vintage-y putting looks together with items bought at thrift stores! How cool is that!??!....
I really want to make my blog even better but don't know what to add! Any suggestions would be wonderful!!! 
Katie and me

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