Friday, January 28, 2011


Today was an overall stressful and tiring day to say the least! My roommate and I ran all over town, switching from bus to bus in order to get to the Verizon store. After about 3 hours, and many conversations about why my phone was not working, we finally got it fixed by replacing my old battery with a new one!...On top of it all, it was SNOWING! ughh! I also have so much to do for my sorority in the next week and I am getting a little stressed out...Homework, sorority things, finding a job, soooo much more!!! How can I not be stressed with all of these things running through my mind every second of the day!!? While looking online, I found an article about "being happy". I think it is very important to take a deep breathe, and remember to just relax and have fun! Here are some tips that I think are great!! 

  1. Practice mindfulness
  2. Laugh out loud
  3. Go to sleep
  4. Make a list
  5. Volunteer
  6. Go to a quiet place
  7. Take care of the soul
  8. Give priority to close relationships

What do you guys do to relieve stress in your lives? Let me know!!

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