Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From Snow to Slush to....florals?

Sorry for more posts without pictures! Campus here is looking pretty...gross! It must have rained last night, along with some flurries because this morning was a complete disaster outside!... There is mud, slush, and ice everywhere which is resulting in me having not the best outfits...I am getting so much use out of my Bass winter boots from a couple of posts back ( I highly recommend these if you need winter boots!)... Although I am not resulting to sweats and sweatshirts, I am wearing leggings and plain sweaters...I am definitely more of a jeans girl but I hate dragging, wet pants more than anything!! errrr this weather!
I started to go through my english requirements and readings and I am loving it so far! I am hoping to become a better, and more mature writer...I really love writing, especially about fashion trends and healthy choices for a healthy lifestyle...Hopefully, if I believe in what I want to do with writing, it will eventually come true one day! Just need to keep up the hard work and motivation...
So, back to fashion! On the Free People cite, they are showing mixed prints together...I always loved this look but never knew how to create it for myself!! Do I wear a stripped shirt with a flower skirt??? Is that too much pattern in one!? ahh! I really don't know but I am dying to find out how to wear this trend!!
Floral top with polka dot shorts

Here are some pictures from Free People that I am going to try to imitate! 
Floral wide leg pants with leather vest

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