Monday, January 17, 2011

Keep Your Head Up

Today is my first official day back at school!..Although I was extremely nervous to come back, and did not know how much I even really wanted to come back, I am so happy to be here....Last semester I realized that I did everything all wrong!! I isolated myself from my friends leading to me eating lunch in my room and talking on the phone with my mom 24/7...Not a great way to meet people...However, this semester I am starting completely fresh....I am going to make sure I meet my friends to eat instead of in my room alone. I am going to only call my mom 2 times tops a day (unless I need to share a funny story or something) and I am just going to be happy!! I need to stop comparing myself to everyone and instead just learn how to be me!! I think that if I put as much concentration into being happy and confident than I did into comparing myself with everyone else, I will be very successful in raising my self esteem!! 

So far I have met up with my friend S and my roommate...My roommate and I have become closer than ever and I really want to be able to get advice and have fun, late night talks with her instead of just calling my family all the time...I need to learn to make this place my home, and enjoy having friends around to call my new family...

When I saw the insane amounts of books I needed to buy for my 2 english classes (12 books!!!) I knew I had to at least see what these professors are like...Unfortunately, one of them is apparently extremely boring, hard to understand, and HARD...Although my old self would run for the hills and get out of the class ASAP, I am excited for this class! I have been through so many obstacles in the past 2 years and I am ready to face each and every one of them! I am going to really concentrate on my schoolwork and do my best! I really do love english and reading, so when I see I have to read 100 pages by the next day, I just need to remind myself that I am doing something that I love even if it requires a lot of time and work

I know this is such a long post but I had a lot to say!!! SORRY!! But sister C, if you read up to this part, I am soooo proud of you!! You keep telling me how proud you are of me but I never really tell you how proud I am of you!! Although we had our little fights this weekend, you really did help me so much the past couple of weeks! You are an amazing person, sister, best friend, and extremely fashionable! Just remember, if you want to wear something different, don't think about what anyone else says! Fashion is about personal style and expressing yourself! If you feel like being daring one day, go for it...Don't worry what someone might say to you...Instead remind yourself that you're gorgeous and can pull off anything with confidence!! I want to congratulate you on style week as well! It's so exciting and I can't wait to hear all about it!!! Here's a picture of us from December Break
Me and my sister

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