Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In

I have officially been sitting in my house, in my pajamas (and fuzzy socks) since I woke up this morning! The storm happened all in the middle of the night but left some pretty intense snow to wake up to...As much as I hate being trapped in my house, it's actually a good thing...I need to pack up my room for my move back to school on Saturday...I absolutely hate packing because I have ZERO control!.. I literally feel like I need to bring anything and everything I own...I don't want to bring as much as I did first semester so I really am trying to only bring the things I need...and a few more things!!! ahhhh I just love clothes and accessories sooo much!
So when I was in Florida the other week I went to the store Anthropology one night...My dad bought me a beautiful purple long sweater/jacket...Since this store is in the higher end with price, I had to put down the hat I was holding as well....Because I have been in my house all day, I have been taking breaks from packing and going online shopping!! Well, I'm not buying anything but I am pretending I am by making shopping bags on every cite hehe....While browsing Anthropology's site, I found the hat that I put down in Florida...I still love this hat and may need to go back for it....What do you guys think of the hat??? What other places do you think I can look to find the same style but cheaper price???? Let me know!!
Hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the day off!!
Anthropology: Milly Cloche- $48

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