Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hello everyone... So I truly love writing this blog but I just feel like I am at a standstill... I love fashion, and I love blogging about it, but I feel like my writing is so childish!! Why do I think this!?.. Does it have anything to do with my insecurities? I really have no idea! The only thing I know is that I really want to be more confident with my writing, and my choices in life beyond this blog...I need to learn that not everyone is looking at me, and not everyone is judging my every move!! I really don't know where these insecurities came from since I grew up being the outgoing, friendly, slightly crazy little girl.. As I got older, I guess pressure and competition led me to feeling scared and shy rather than being that "crazy" little girl I loved so much... 
It's a new year and I am going to try my absolute hardest to gain more confidence, go forward with things even if I am unsure, and just overall be that happy, outgoing girl I once was!
Back to FASHION!... Today I went to the outlets like always with my mom, and she bought me winter boots from Bass. Bass shoes is really growing in the fashion industry. It used to be a store that my mom shopped at and I HATED, but I grew to love this store, and it now appears all over the magazines such as Lucky. These boots are warm, waterproof, and my new obsession!
The inside is fur!!.. What do you think of the boots?

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