Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today it finally was NOT snowing! It was actually quite nice out! The sun was shining as I walked to class at 9 AM with my winter boots still on (it's still sloppy outside!)...I finally had a day with all my classes and so far I am really loving them!...I feel like the english department is where I am meant to be...You know when you are trying to decide between 2 things...such as if you should go to Penn state or Ohio state for college and Penn state just feels right when you say the words aloud?? Well that's how I feel when I say "english"...I feel like this major was meant for me and I am so happy about that!!
Anyways, tonight I have a social where the theme is snow patrols....Maybe my fur vest??? What else do you recommend??? 
Because it was sunny out, I decided for an outfit worth taking pictures of! I am wearing jeggings from Target, plaid dress from Urban outfitters, black long sleeve from Target, and my regular Bass winter boots....What do you think? How else would you style this dress? tights, leggings, ...?
Hope everyone is having a great week!
blue, green, and black plaid dress

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