Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bohemian and Winter?

So I am a girl of many styles, however, I just love the bohemian look! Celebrities such as Nicole Richie can really pull this look off! I just love big, sheer shirts, wide leg pants, long flowy skirts, and anything else that has to do with this trend! I feel that it's harder to dress bohemian in the winter due to the cold weather, but I really want to give it a try!...Maybe a vintage sweater, wide leg jeans, long leather bag, and moccasins? What else can you wear to stay warm, but still bohemian style??

Nicole Richie- Bohemian Styled

For today, it was so nice out! By this I mean it was 30 degrees (better than below 0 right!?)...I decided to wear black leggings from Forever 21, blue cotton organic t shirt from Marshalls, and a jean long sleeve shirt from Bass...I also wore this with a knitted -bow hat from Urban Outfitters that are not seen in pictures...Tomorrow's Friday and I know I have a busy week ahead of me! Do you guys have any exciting plans for this weekend? 

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