Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plaid Obsessed

Plaid has always been a major trend..I feel like anyone can pull it off, and there are endless possibilities on how to style it. Today, it was so cold and I knew I had to put on my big, soft, super comfortable plaid shirt from the Gap. This shirt is royal blue mixed with a grey/green color. I paired this shirt with my grey jeggings from Urban Outfitters, along with my Bass winter boots yet again because it's SNOWING!....How shocking..NOT!

As for other news, yesterday I took my first fashion, media class and it was absolutely amazing!! Who knew I can take a class which requires me to make inspiration boards, follow blogs, make my own blog (which I already have) and go on field trips to local thrift stores!!! This class was made for me and I can not wait to go back next Monday!!!
     Hope everyone is having a great week!! Do you like plaid or do you think the trend is over and done?

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