Thursday, January 6, 2011

City Life

Today I went into the city for the day with my sister and mom...Although it was pretty cold out, we had an AMAZING day...Not only did we find great deals, we also had so much fun just hanging out, and walking around the gorgeous New York City.. The city is beautiful and is such an amazing place.. No wonder everyone around the world comes to this city at one point in their life....Stores, shows, great food...what more can you ask for!?...
So today I went to some stores that I usually would not shop at...The Gap and Zara...Both of these stores tend to be a little too expensive, although very cute....Today however, they had INSANE sales! I'm talking about another 50% off of already sale items!! So for the gap I purchased a black velvet blazer, a brown short jacket with a belt, and a leather and canvas bag...I know I know I keep posting about buying bags but thats only because I keep returning them... I'm the kind of person who loves something one second, and then find something better the next day! Oh well...As of now, I'm pretty set on this gap bag..Maybe I should rip the tags off just incase!!! As for Zara, I got a grey pullover sweater with a design on it which went from 60 dollars to 20!! ...Lastly I bought a pair of black leather short boots for 50 dollars!...Overall this was an amazing shopping day!
I will be sure to post pictures of the clothes tomorrow!! It's supposed to be a blizzard so maybe a fashion show in the house?? I think so!!
Hope everyone had a great day!!
velvet blazer
......There are no pictures of the other purchases unfortunately 

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