Monday, January 24, 2011

I guess this is what negative degrees feels like?

This morning my computer said that it was -11 degrees out!!! How can this even be possible!?...I was so cold that all I wanted to put on was sweatpants and a sweatshirt...However, I realized that when I am wearing something that I feel great in, my mood is so much better!...Because of this, I decided to ditch the snow boots, and wear my new black leather booties that I bought at Zara over the break...I paired these boots with a pull over sweater that I also purchased at Zara, along with my black jeggings from Target...In case you guys don't know, Zara is an amazing, trendy store that is usually very expensive..However, they have a seasonal sale every summer and winter where all of there things are basically 20-40 dollars!!! It really was a hit when I purchased the sweater and booties in the city for their winter sale....Anyways, I am feeling great today, and can't wait to finish off the day nice and warm!..Hope everyone is having a great monday!
New pullover sweater- Sale at Zara for $20

New leather booties- Zara for $40

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