Monday, January 3, 2011

Style Icon

I have many people that I look up to in the fashion industry such as the Olsen twins and Alex Chung, but I also have a weird, crazy obsession with Lauren Conrad.. Not only does she have amazing style, but she also always looks so put together whether it be shopping on a tuesday afternoon or going to a red carpet event on a Saturday night.. 
The point of me talking about Lauren Conrad is because I just bought her style book this afternoon.. I have always wanted to read her other books that were on the bestsellers list, but I never actually got to the book store (not great at starting books).. Anyways, while flipping through the Style magazine last week, I stumbled upon an article featuring Lauren and her "style" book.. Once I saw this I immediately knew I had to buy it!.. Now I can finally learn her in's and out's of fashion, and what she does in order to perfect her own, unique personal style
Besides for buying the book, I also got pampered a little bit...Manicure!!.. I keep seeing this greenish, emerald color all over the magazines and I was never able to find it..until TODAY!.. It's a green Essie color that I am head over heels in love with!! What do you all think!?

Also, today I wanted to look stylish, but comfy.. To pull this off, I wore my wide leg jeans from Marshall's, brownish colored oxfords (new) from Bass, Maroon sweater from Bass, and a black and gold flower necklace from J.Crew

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