Saturday, January 22, 2011

ohh college..

Besides for the fact that my fire alarm went off at 8 AM this morning and we all had to evacuate the building, I had a really amazing sleep!...I even fell back asleep after we were allowed back into the room and slept until 12...I am going out with some of my sorority sisters again tonight and am very excited...There just is 1 problem..I really have no idea what to wear!! I have so many options but it is just so cold out!! Maybe jeans and a simple top?? I don't know!!! Any suggestions!?
Today I went out with a million different groups of friends and got so many compliments on my sweater! This sweater I am wearing in the pictures below has cut outs on the back...I paired it with a blue organic t-shirt from Marshalls and Delias skinny jeans...The outfit was a complete hit!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

cut out back

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