Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Halfway There

Today is Wednesday which means I made it half way through the week! yay!!...This week was actually surprisingly  a fast week, filled with a lot of work, meetings, and fun of course!! Today I only had one class in the morning..For the remainder of the day, I have to write my first english paper..I really want to do amazing on this paper! Not only is this paper a first impression of my writing skills, but it is a way to prove to everyone and myself that english was meant for me..I am still looking for internships and anything possible in order to get my foot in this industry! I love fashion, writing, and working! I am not giving up until I reach my dream and work to my full potential!
Since I am being lazy today, besides writing my paper I guess, I decided to go for a casual, comfortable look. To pull this off without looking like I just rolled out of bed, I am wearing my black jeggings from Target, along with a green Converse brand sweatshirt also from Target...The Converse brand at Target is awesome! They have trendy shirts, jeans, bags, and fashionable sweats that are so popular today!..Are there any brands that you love at Target!?..Let me know!!

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