Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today I realized yet another thing about myself...I don't know how to find balance...See, if you knew my personality, you would probably not understand this...It's not like a can't manage my schoolwork with fun, or friends with family...However, when I look at this word in a deeper meaning, I can totally see how I am lacking in this category!! I'm not going to go into detail on why I feel this word describes my life lately, but it is definitely something that I am happy to discover about myself! It really is putting so many parts of my life into perspective and giving me another way to look at certain situations..
So it is supposed to snow tomorrow..By snow I mean full on, all stores closed kind of blizzard...My mom went to the food store yesterday to prepare (some cereal and ice cream) but she left out some things that I needed for my delicious breakfast!! (cereal + yogurt + fruit = delicious!!!!.. My mom forgot to get the blueberries so I just went to grab a box at the grocery store and let me tell you, that place is a zoo!!! There were news reporters, and about a million people going in there for the last minute things before the snow comes down...I think when we hear snow, people feel like they are never getting out of their houses again!! ahhh.. crazyyyyyy
Today I wanted to be comfortable since I was only running some errands and trying to clean up my mess of a room!..I went for super soft and thick blue leggings from forever 21, black long sleeve shirt from target, grey sweatshirt/sweater from Marshall's, and my new winter snow boots from Bass...Hope everyone is staying warm and getting the hot chocolate and marshmallow's ready for tomorrow! I know I am!!


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