Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last Minute Shopping

So I know I just posted about my shopping day in the city with my mom and sister but I have a couple of more things to share!..I first want to take a minute to share my morning...Today I went to temple with my mom and sister..Ever since my grandpa passed away a couple of months ago, my mom has been going to temple every Saturday morning to make a prayer for him...My family is not the kind of family to go to temple on random weekends however, now we are... My mom asked my sister and me to join her this morning and although it required me to wake up early, it was really special.. I felt good knowing that I was still remembering the great times I had with my grandpa throughout my life.. On top of that, I know it meant the world to my mom, and I was so happy to be there for her along with my sister...
After temple today, I met up with my friend from school.. I have been so lazy this break and have not seen ANY friends from college until today.. We met up at the mall, had some lunch, and of course shopped!!... It's hard to believe but my friend is a shopaholic just as much as I am...which means together in a mall is not the best mix to save money but it's a LOT of fun!..We both have the same style so I love when we both run to the same thing and just think of the numerous amounts of ways to wear the item! Because I have been going a little shopping crazy lately I only purchased what I went there for....and one extra thing (woops)...For the thing I needed, I bought a hat at Urban Outfitters...My school is freezing and I really needed a practical hat to cover my ears and this hat does the trick!!..As for the luxury item, I bought a pair of cheetah sweater shorts on sale at Urban for 20 dollars.. Ever since I saw Whitney Port wearing a similar pair, I have been on the hunt! When I saw these, I knew I could not let them slip away!!... I'm about to meet up with my old friends for some Chinese food now and can't wait to catch up with them....
 I am finally getting back to my old self and I am exited to see what this new year brings!!!

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